Citi - Custom Cash Card Campaign

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In a year that kept everyone in lockdown, Citibank kept us pretty busy behind the scenes, prepping for the launch of the new Citi Custom Cash Card—the largest credit card campaign for Citi to date.

To bring this campaign to life, we enlisted the wonderful talents of Dan Levy, Rashida Jones and their respective writers to work with us hand-in-hand.

In a very short amount of time, our team was able to create and shoot a total of 7+ spots and extra surprises with director Paul Briganti (of SNL fame), a bespoke photo session with celebrity photographer Elisabeth Caren, blow out a new brand identity for the Citi Custom Cash Card built by Turner Duckworth and polish all our assets with the help of our longtime friends at Harbor.

Our ginormous campaign needed an equally ginormous team, as we were responsible for platform creation, strategy, creative, language, look and feel, film and campaign assets, social footprint, media plan—you name it.

The full creative team consisted of my partner Lea Platz, partners Hannah Murphy and Nicole Zelinski, Philip Arias, Michael Silber, Jae Jung, Jeremy Filgate and Erica Roberts. This also wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing production team consisting of Tim LeGallo, Sam Moross and Aaron Yi, our account team, especially Charlie Kunze, our talent management team RDL, our star talent, obviously, and most importantly the team at Citi who gave it all the green light.


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