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As part of a proactive incubator at Publicis, we identified Citi Entertainment as a perfect candidate to leverage the convenience capabilities of Google Assistant. Building off an insight that very few Citi customers were taking advantage of this amazing program, which offers thousands of shows and exclusive experiences annually, we figured, why not let people find a concert whenever and wherever the moment strikes with the sound of their voice?

The Citi Entertainment skill is the first conversational voice action from Citi and the first entertainment and customer benefit driven voice action from any financial services company. The voice skill was conceived, prototyped, tested and built entirely in-house at Publicis, and is available on every device enabled with Google Assistant. To give it a try, all you need to do is say "Hey Google, talk to Citi Entertainment" and you are a few words away from concert tickets.

This herculean effort could not have happened if it wasn’t for the dedicated teams across every single discipline here at Publicis, a great relationship with Google, and of course the creative gumption brought forward by the folks at Citi, Citi Entertainment and Citi Legal to deliver an industry and category first skill. Special shout outs to Shaun Rodgers, Kathi Stark, Suyun Wu, Richard Lewis, Lea Platz, Jennifer McConville, Amanda Burnette, Beth Marrano, Sharif El Rabiey and John Sellman for making this their full-time job, on top of their regular one.

It also didn't hurt that we were simultaneously developing the first Citi Entertainment campaign, so we were able to build additional campaign content for our new voice offering.

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