Ford - City of Tomorrow

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Ford came to COLLINS with a very monumental task - help Ford define a strategy that outlines a vision for their future and allows Ford to gain credit for innovation in the space that is being occupied by companies focused on Mars, rather than on Earth.

An additional task was to envision and create the literal stage for this strategy to come to life at the Joe Louis Area in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Working in tandem with Parc Office, we helped create probably the worlds largest oval screen, ever. Seriously, it was the largest make-the-logo-bigger moment on earth.

To further the concept and public engagement, we conceived our vision of the City of Tomorrow that capped our housed Transit Museum of Tomorrow which was designed showcase the relics of our current definition of transportation that would be rendered obsolete with the new age in autonomous vehicles, such as the stop sign, steering wheels and traffic lights.

We did all this and more, outlining a plan to build upon Ford's legacy of future vision and help them focus their efforts towards building the foundation for what the future will bring. To help bring this front and center, Mayors from around the globe held a City of Tomorrow Panel with The New York Times about the challenges of their cities, and how Ford is helping them realize the future of Mobility. TED and Vice also helped fuel a day-long, student event to engage in a future-focused dialogue.

The success of this strategy, event and presentation elevated Ford as the front runner at the NAIAS and the auto space in terms of press and buzz around the NAIAS and put the City of Tomorrow platform in motion for the future of Ford.

Our COLLINS Team on this project included, Clay Kippen, Nick Ace, Brian Collins, Marc Lucas, Duncan Wardle, Seth Mroczka, Gabe Benzur, Jump Jirakaweekful and Chris Retcho with the help of our amazing partners Parc Office, Civic Entertainment, Gail & Rice and most importantly, Ford.

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