Godiva - Responsive Website Integration

At SapientNitro, now Publicis Sapient, our team was challenged with taking a literally sweet brand - Godiva - and turn their website into a sweet experience across multiple devices before the Holiday season. A seemingly simple tasks on the books, we took the time to assess the site as a whole, found it to be a not-so-sweet experience and pushed for a UX and UI overhaul that included a responsive framework we all could enjoy.

We developed a strategy to stretch the Demandware platform to adapt godiva.com into a fully responsive site experience, incorporated a new site architecture, overhauled and updated the site design, eliminated some legacy features and replaced them with some great enhancements that included a robust filtering system throughout the site and a quick-add-to-bag button on all products. We were also tasked with a very intense, multi-ship capability in the checkout flow that scored a perfect 10 in Demandware usability — an unheard-of precedent, so we hear. Many, many chocolates were consumed during this monumental task within a staggering 8 week timeframe.

Ⓒ 2021