Target - A New Day (A.N.D.)

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In 2017, Target decided to introducing twelve new owned brands over the next two years in a bid to create covetable brands rather than labels that span a wide range of products or aesthetics. COLLINS was asked to help build one of the first of these new brands to be introduced—a women’s ready-to-wear range that delivers trendy but versatile pieces to punch up guests’ everyday style.

Not only did we help create the identity for this new, signature woman's brand at Target, we helped develop the name, strategy, behavior and aesthetic for the entire brand and packaging. This project wouldn't be as successful without the combined design efforts of Megan Bowker, Flora Chan and Esther Li and the additional COLLINS team working on this, completing this project in record time. A special shout out to Megan Bowker for art direction and Mari Juliano for shooting this beautiful case study.


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