Minneapolis Tarcade - SXSW

Target approached us at Sub Rosa with an exciting challenge: provide cool event at SXSWi in Austin, TX that serves as both a networking opportunity within the tech community, and provides a popular destination throughout the event. Thus the Tarcade was born. My role in this project was full lead creative, including core concept, branding, graphics, copy, art direction, design and implementation. With the amazing talents of John Barton on development, Blake Dain on environment and component build and an amazing activation team, we brought this dream project to life.

This Tarcade featured a kiosk which dispursed hackable NFC cards, activated by Foursquare to give a user credits. The cards could then be tapped on the arcade console, equipped with an NFC reader for play. High Scores were collected, metrics were gather an overall sense of modern digital nostalgia were had by all. Noteworthy appearances by Lupe Fiasco and Amanda Palmer tried their hands in this 8-bit wonderland, to name a few.

Ⓒ 2021